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Welcome to OK Websitez, your number one source for all things Website Development, SEO & Digital Marketing. We’re dedicated to providing you the very best of Website Development, SEO & Digital Marketing.

Founded in 2015 by Deepak Rai, OK WebsiteZ has come a long way from its beginnings in Mumbai. When Deepak Rai first started out, his passion for Digital Marketing drove them to start their own business.

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While Website designer in India and the rest of the world are in high demand due to their amazing skill of being able to create websites for various types of businesses. Websites have become a necessity for almost all big to small businesses across the globe. Business websites are greatly helpful for small businesses and startups because they are the easiest means of reaching your customers.

Posting advertisements and connecting with your customer base is literally at the fingertips of business owners/website managers. There are multiple perks of having a well-built website for your business, and in this article, we will be shedding light on some of the biggest perks of them all.

Perks Of Having A Well-Built Website

To start off, having a website for your business helps you connect seamlessly with your customer base. Your customers can always scroll through your products, view their prices, and post their queries on your website, which you can get back to at your earliest convenience.

Moreover, if you are planning to open a brand new business and are low on funds – the initial capital being insufficient to cover up costs of hiring a store and workers – then beginning your venture by opening up a website can be a great move. Website designer in India will cost you significantly less than opening up a physical store and hiring workers for running it.

Moving on, having a website makes it easier to collect customer feedback regarding the products and services offered by you. Customer satisfaction happens to be an integral part of all sorts of businesses. That is because they are the ones who help you grow and flourish in the market by purchasing from you. Hence, if your customers are unsatisfied or are facing any sort of difficulties with your products, then you must help them out as early as possible. Failing to do so might anger or disappoint your customer, who may discontinue buying from your company.

In addition to that, they might also go on to share negative reviews of your business to their friends and family, and this may eventually lead to a loss of customers for your venture which will have a great impact on your sales and profitability.

Therefore, customer feedbacks are crucial and you can easily gather them on your website. For that, all you need to do is ask your website designer in India to create a specific feedback section where your beloved customers can post their views on your product and their experience of using them. These might help you to understand what your customers expect from your business and also give you an upper hand in improving and enhancing your products.

Understanding Website Security Risks

Even though websites have been important for businesses, post-pandemic, almost all small and medium businesses depend on their website for the sale of their products and services. This has also increased the number of businesses across the digital world. Since businesses rely on their online presence, it is also up to them to ensure their website is safe from cyber threats. When designing their website, they must ensure their website designer in India adds several layers of security so that cyber attackers are unable to infiltrate your website. Let us understand more about website security:

What is Website Security?

Web security is protecting a website from phishing, cybercrimes, malfunctions, or cyber-attacks to avoid data loss of the organization and its customers. Scanning a website for vulnerabilities or performing security tests is always significant to fight against thefts or losses caused by digital hackers.

The digital landscape is always evolving, and you must ensure that the web development company in Mumbai adds features like continuous monitoring, upgrades, and fixes to your website to avoid any cyber threats. The website can be safeguarded from being attacked or hacked by employing various protection measures and protocols. Therefore, you must ensure that you hire a good website design company that is adept in website security.

Some Web Security Risks

Here are some security risks that you and the web design agency must be aware of:

Phishing – Phishing attacks are carried out by attackers who target consumers via email, text messages, or social media messaging sites. They impersonate a trusted sender to deceive the victim into disclosing sensitive information such as account numbers, credit card information, and login credentials. A successful phishing assault makes way for cybercriminals to get unauthorized access to company networks and steal important data. 

Ransomware – Ransomware attacks are often done using phishing emails with malicious attachments or URLs that direct the user’s computer to download software. The malware infects the device, locates files to encrypt, and prevents users from viewing them. Ransomware is also distributed by drive-by downloading, which occurs when consumers visit an infected website and unknowingly download malware onto their system. Ransomware is a type of malware in which an attacker holds the victim’s data or computer hostage. They ask the victim to pay a ransom, and the attacker threatens to deny access to their website, to corrupt their data, or to make their data public.

DDoS Attack – A DDoS attack is a web security threat in which attackers flood servers with massive amounts of internet traffic to disrupt service and take websites offline. The sheer volume of bogus traffic overwhelms the target network or server, rendering it unreachable.

Hackers or dissatisfied employees of that organization often use DDoS assaults to seek revenge. Others are carried out for the sheer pleasure of exploiting cyber vulnerabilities, while many DDoS attacks are financially motivated, such as particular businesses collecting information from their competitors. They can also be utilized in ransomware attacks.

Virus and Worms – A virus is a malware that spreads between computer systems and damages software and data. A computer worm is a type of malware that replicates itself in order to proliferate other systems. Both take advantage of software flaws, allowing attackers to steal data from systems. Viruses and worms can also implant backdoors into systems, allowing an attacker to obtain illegal access, corrupt files and cause extensive damage to a firm.

Ensure that the website developer in Mumbai adds advanced security features to your website.