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Website Designer in Mulund

Website designing agencies and website designer in Mulund have mushroomed all over. With seemingly endless website development agencies and web designers out there in the market, it can be a bit tricky and complicated process to choose an agency that would serve your needs. To select the right agency, you need to vet them based on your criteria, and to simplify it, here is a set of questions you must ask your website designer.  

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  1. How many websites have you built for companies in my industry as a website designer in Mulund?

Most people ask the website development company in Mulund about how many clients they have and how many websites they have built so far. What they often do not ask is how many companies in their industry have the website designing agency worked for. Having experience in your field would be an added advantage, and reviewing those websites will give you a good idea of what you should expect from your project. This does not mean you should not work with website designing agencies new to your industry, as these companies would bring fresh and new ideas to the table. Make sure the company you choose must have experience working across various sectors and has a good clientele.

  1. How much emphasis does the website designer put on user experience and its incorporation in the website designing approach?

User experience makes or breaks a website. Experienced website designing companies know that user experience is at the heart of website designing. They make user-friendly, intuitive, navigable websites that are easy to use and offer an end-user a seamless experience. Check out their portfolio of work to analyse websites they have made, the features they added, and the user experience they created. Good user experience is a key metric in ascertaining the website’s quality. Ask the agency about the strategies they will use to ensure that user experience is at the centre of the website design.

  1. What Content Management Systems do the website designer in Mulund works on?

There were times when static HTML was used to design websites; today, a website development company uses Content management systems to create websites. There are many CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento. Most website development companies will specialise in using one or two content management systems. Though most websites are built using an open-source platform like WordPress, some companies use their own CMS platform that is made from scratch as per your companies need and code it themselves for better security. Make sure that the designing agency discusses with you the pros and cons of all CMS platforms and help you choose the best CMS platform as per your business needs. Moreover, without a content management system in place, you will need the help of a developer every other day to make any upgrades to your website.

  1. What steps would the website designing project involve?

You need to give a very clear idea of what the project will involve; the website development company will not be able to provide you with information on time-frame or costs without it. An experienced agency that has a clear idea of what your business needs are will be able to guide you through the step-by-step process that will be involved in designing your website. They will give you a good explanation of how things will work and what to expect at each stage, and the time and costs involved in it.

  1. Will the website designer in Mulund make changes or update the website after completion of the project?

You need to ask the website development company some questions upfront. These questions would pertain to training and terms and conditions on updating the website. Ask if the agency will provide you and your team a training session to explain how the website will work and how you can make changes or updates to the website on your own. As and when a website goes live, you will be required to make frequent changes to content, etc. Some of these changes can be easily made using the content management system, but some other changes will need the help of a designer. Ask the company to provide you with the quotations on rates they will charge to make any changes on the website once the website is live.

  1. Who will own the website once it goes live, the website designer or you?

You must ask this question in the initial stages of project discussion with the agency that does website designing in Mulund. As some website development agencies retain ownership of the websites, they build. If the ownership is not transferred to you, then you might find making changes on the website hard. Moreover, retaining ownership will allow them to repurpose the design of your website for their other clients.

Always work with a web design agency that gives you full ownership of your website and the rights for all marketing and branding assets they design for you, such as logo, website, mobile apps, etc. However, you can grant them the right to showcase your website in their portfolio. Any activities like repurposing or copying your design for any other company should be strictly not allowed.

  1. What is included in the price charged by the website designer?

Now comes the most important question that you must ask firms that do website designing in Mulund that is the cost for website development. You need to ask specific, straightforward, and detailed questions to the web designing firm. These questions pertain to what all is included in the price, how many revisions you will be provided, payment terms and conditions, fees for copywriting, and billing for work done outside the project’s scope. Ensure prices are within your budget, and there are no hidden costs.


When you search for a website designer near me online, you will end up with overwhelming results. Still, you must shortlist them based on the services offered, ranking, portfolio and customer reviews, customer service, and the scope of your project.